After a long time of hiatus (hey, that’s what I’m feeling), I’m BACK! is back! I can’t promise you much but I’m trying to organize everything including my thoughts so that I can write and express more. There’s so much I think and want to write about but for some reason I cannot put it into words. Have you feel this too? I want to practice to write what I think and feel.

For those who are first time visitors, I want you to know that this is a personal blog so expect that anything I express here is based on what I think and feel randomly about, my craziness over things that I like, things that interests me and some OOTD perhaps? LOL! Well, well, I’m not a fashionista-type-of-person but I want to try new things too. 

What is happening? I’ve been raving much here (hahaha!). So, here goes the main topic of my post. I’ll just make this short and simple …


Happy Birthday, Jinwoo!

You must be wondering who is Jinwoo and why the hashtag?

Jinwoo is a member of a Korean Pop group named WINNER. He celebrated his birthday 2 days ago. Yes, his birthday is on September 26. He is the oldest one of the group which made him a ‘hyung’. But everyone in the Inner Circle (WINNER’s fandom name) knows that he is the fake maknae (youngest). Can’t see in the picture why he’s the fake maknae? Well, you can watch their videos and you’ll know why we call him that.

I’ve been listening to their songs for awhile (and I’m hooked!) and watching their videos on their Official YouTube Channel. Of course, I’m listening to their album right now while making this post. If you’ll going to ask me who’s my ultimate bias on the group, I’m kinda torn right now. At first, it was Seungyoon (the leader) but then I shifted to Mino (I just love him) but I also like everybody in WINNER. Confused? Can I just have both Seungyoon and Mino as my ultimate bias? Hahaha.. Addicted much? Sort of! 😀 

Here’s some facts I found online about Jinwoo:

REAL NAME: Kim JinWoo (김진우)
BIRTHDATE: 1991.09.26
ORIGIN: Imja-do, South Korea 
ZODIAC: Libra / Sheep
HEIGHT: 174cm (≈5’8″)
WEIGHT: 58kg (≈128lb)
FAMILY: mother, father, older sister (HeeRa), younger sister (JinHee) 
HOBBIES & SKILLS: swimming

WINNER KPop Jinwoo


He auditioned for YG in August 2010. 
His father is a fisherman & the captain of a fishing/shrimping boat. JinWoo used to be ashamed of this fact when he was young. [WIN: Who IS Next 2013.08.23]


“We started with 4 people in the beginning, but someone would get dropped continuously every month. The members were probably changed between 7-8 people. I thought, ‘will I get cut out like that too?’” [WIN: Who Is Next 2013.08.23]
“Right now the word ‘WINNER’ is just written in plain black letters. We must work to turn those letters into gold.” [WIN: Who Is Next 2013.11.01]

A video dedicated to Jinwoo (grabbed from YG United FB page) 

Our prince from Imja Island ~~His voice <3His innocent look <3His eyes <3All about him is <3#JinwooMustBe25(c)as tagged

Posted by YG United on Friday, September 25, 2015

Posted by YG United on Friday, September 25, 2015

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