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    Lima: Paghanduraw to Stage This Month

    Lima: HIV Monologues is back for its third installment after being hiatus for 2 years! What is Lima? Lima is a collection of five stories about real people – mostly Kagay-anons (people who are from Cagayan de Oro) – who share their experiences about the changes they had to go through because of HIV and AIDS. The stories are also about people who are caught in the middle of the fight for HIV and AIDS awareness (i.e. parents, family members friends, counselors, and even health workers). Lima’s first staged was last December 2015. This year’s show will focus on “Paghanduraw”, it means reminisce or remember. The five featured stories will…

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    Aguinaldo In Every Cup by Dunkin’ Donuts

    The Christmas season is around the corner! Here in the Philippines, the Christmas season started when September month kicks in. You can hear Christmas songs in radios, malls, and even on social media posts. When I was a child, I always feel joy and excitement during the Christmas season because of the word – Aguinaldo. The term itself refers to the gifts that are received during the holidays. This what excites me whenever the Christmas season is near. I would be excited to receive gifts from my parents and godparents. Now, as a grown-up, I find myself thinking of what presents to buy for the younger ones in the family.…