Aguinaldo In Every Cup by Dunkin’ Donuts

by JenJacqs

The Christmas season is around the corner! Here in the Philippines, the Christmas season started when September month kicks in. You can hear Christmas songs in radios, malls, and even on social media posts.

When I was a child, I always feel joy and excitement during the Christmas season because of the word – Aguinaldo. The term itself refers to the gifts that are received during the holidays. This what excites me whenever the Christmas season is near. I would be excited to receive gifts from my parents and godparents.

Now, as a grown-up, I find myself thinking of what presents to buy for the younger ones in the family. They would now be the ones who are expecting their presents from the adults. But even if I’m already an adult, there is always a child within me who is happy when I receive an aguinaldo. I still love it!

This holiday season, you can have the “just got a gift” feeling every single day with the Dunkin’ Donuts Aguinaldo In Every Cup promo.  Every time you purchase one 12-ounce cup of hot or iced Dunkin’ Coffee, you have a chance to win a Free Classic Donut or Cash instantly! The cash prize consists of Php500, Php1000, Php5000, and Php20000! What a Merry Christmas if you win a swooping Php20,000! 

JenJacqs Blog - Aguinaldo In Every Cup Dunkin Donuts 02

I’m sorry for my dry and gulo-gulo hair.

To get your Aguinaldo, peel the perforated coupon found on the side of your Dunkin’ Coffee cup that says, “Open your Holiday Surprise!” and “Peel Here.” It’s best to do this after finishing the drink because the excitement might make you spill it (hahaha ).

JenJacqs Blog - Aguinaldo In Every Cup Dunkin Donuts 03

JenJacqs Blog - Aguinaldo In Every Cup Dunkin Donuts 04

I’ve done it twice. I ordered two 12-ounce  hot coffee on different occasions and I won a Classic Donut twice!

Wait no more! Your Aguinaldo In Every Cup is waiting for you in any Dunkin’ Coffee favorites like Dunkin’ Brewed Coffee, Dunkin’ Black Iced Coffee, or Dunkin’ Iced Coffee.

Are you ready for Christmas feels? Get your Dunkin’ Donuts Aguinaldo In Every Cup now until December 15, 2019. 

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