Benefits When Buying FWD’s KanGuard

by JenJacqs

Honestly, I’m not prepared for the future. Sometimes I’m thinking that if something happens to me and I’m not prepared, it would break my heart on what would happen to my daughters if I’m gone. I would really want to be financially prepared especially when there are no certainties in this world. There was a time when I researched and asked a few friends about what company would give me insurance coverage and secure the future of my daughters. After a while, I stopped. Why? Because I can’t afford any of those plans. Then things changed.

FWD Philippines happened. They got my back! They got my back by covering me in case of death due to an accident or disability due to terror attacks. The info below is the policy that I bought recently. Let’s talk about why we need to buy KanGuard. 

JenJacqs Blog - FWD Insurance - KanGuard

Why do we need to buy KanGuard?

Accidents are the 5th leading cause of death among us – Filipinos. So we need to secure the family’s finances in case of accidents. In case of disability, we can get the financial aid that our family needs. 

What are the Benefits of Buying KanGuard?

Financial Support for your Family
For ages 18-50, we need to get this product to protect our family with ₱500,000 cash benefits in case of accidental death up to age 55. 

Disability Support
Disability expenses cost as much as half of your personal income. Get a ₱500,000 cash benefit – the financial help you need in case of a disability that’ll help you in case you become permanently disabled due to a terror attack.

Apply in Minutes
Just complete the 1-page form from their website, pay online with debit or credit card, and you’re covered!

Exciting Rewards
The reward is a 1-year Assist America global emergency services. What is this? It is emergency assistance when you travel at least 150 km from your home. There are 24/7 coordination with experienced clinicians, admission to qualified hospitals, emergency medical attention and more. You can view all the rewards in the easy-to-use customer management app, FWD Tapp.
*The rewards will be active 20 days after your policy is issued.

If you have more questions about KanGuard, check out their FAQs about the plan. 

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