Congratulations to L.E.T Passers 2014 for Secondary Level!

by JenJacqs


Last January 26, 2014, the Licensure Examination for Teachers was held at different schools in Cagayan de Oro City and other cities too. Few of my friends took the exam and the good news is that almost all of them conquered it. Now, they can be officially called as “Teacher.” Another addition to the Teachers of our country!

There will be another round of examinations this coming July, prayers will go out to you future Educators! And for those who didn’t make it this time, this bible verse is for you…

ecclesaiastes 311

Here are the successful examinees in the L.E.T Passers 2014 for High School Teachers.

Congratulations to my sister from another blood slash bestfriend slash Mentor, Pinay Mommy for conquering another milestone in your life!

Kudos to all the L.E.T passers of this year!



*All images here is not mine. Credits goes to the owners.


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Pinay Mommy Online March 8, 2014 - 8:41 am

Thank you so much!! I didn’t know that this milestone will prompt you to update your blog. So congratulations to you as well.

We still have a long road to pursue. God is gracious in so many ways!! God is good!!

jenjacqs March 8, 2014 - 8:49 am

Your welcome! Hahaha! This great news made me update my blog in a flash! See? I told you that you’ll be receiving positive news. God is so good!


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