Flying Adventures with Philippine Airlines

by JenJacqs

Philippine Airlines has been in the airline business for 70+ years in our country.  The company prides itself as the “only full-service Philippine air carrier offering a higher level of in-flight and on-ground service, drawing from its long experience in airline operations for the past seven decades.” (PAL Facebook page)

Philippine Airlines - JenJacqsBlog Travels

When you fly with PAL, the passengers can choose Business Class, Premium Economy (selected aircraft), or Economy Class. They can also enjoy baggage allowances, spacious legroom, in-flight wireless connectivity, in-flight dishes, products and services, Mabuhay Miles (a popular frequent flyer program) and more.

Recently, I traveled to Manila for the BLOGAPALOOZA event to be held at the City of Dreams Manila. I traveled with some of the CDOBloggers members via Philippine Airlines from Cagayan de Oro to Manila last October 26, 2018, at exactly 10:10 pm. Although I’m flying on Economy Class, it’s no doubt that their flight attendants still treat you with utmost service that they can offer. What more if I travel with Business Class, yes? For those business travelers, they have an in-flight wireless connectivity but I haven’t tried it because I was catching some sleep during my flight to gain some energy.

Philippine Airlines Snacks 02 - JenJacqsBlog Travels

Philippine Airlines Snacks - JenJacqsBlog Travels

This is one of the things I love flying with PAL, their friendly and accommodating flight attendants, and the yummy snacks. Yes, I admit I got excited everytime the snacks and coffee cart is coming towards us.


Traveling with the CDOBloggers’ members also makes the travel more fun and memorable. Here are some of my captures before the flight, when we arrived in Manila, and back at our hometown. 

Philippine Airlines CDOBloggers - JenJacqsBlog Travels

Philippine Airlines 04 - JenJacqsBlog Travels

Philippine Airlines CDOBloggers 02 - JenJacqsBlog Travels

Philippine Airlines CDOBloggers 03 - JenJacqsBlog Travels

Thank you so much for this one of the best flight experience and a smooth flight, Philippines Airlines

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