First Time to Get an Accident Insurance at FWD!

by JenJacqs

I don’t travel a lot. Well, I don’t travel further away from where I am now but I’m still going in and out of our house especially when I needed to buy groceries and school supplies, attend to CDOBloggers and Oro Teatro Bulawanon meetings and events, and other personal errands.

Since I have daughters, being alive and healthy is one of my topmost priorities in life. I want to see them (my daughters) live a wonderful life in this crazy world. I want to see them happy and enjoying life and achieving the things that they want. We all know how crazy and weird the world is, how short life is. So when I saw this accident insurance online, I thought, “Hey, this might be the answer to my worries!” I can go to wherever places I want to go and can do (KanDüü) things without being worried because I have insurance that whatever happens, my daughters will somehow be secured.

One of my concerns is that I’m not financially stable yet so I find it (insurance) really expensive on my part. You might say that it is important, yes I know, but I’m caught up with daily struggles that I don’t even have time to save to get the accident insurance that I need.

Then I saw FWD Insurance. I saw on the FWD Life Philippines website that they have three (3) plans namely KanMend, KanLive, and KanGuard. Each of them is worth Php 1,799 per year. When you get one of these plans, you’re covered for a year. Affordable, right? One thing that’s really awesome is that you can purchase it online! Yes, online! Anyone can have their family’s future secured in just a few minutes. It can be paid through a debit or credit card. It’s accessible, quick and hassle-free!

Now, I can secure the future of my family and “CAN DO” (KanDüü)things and travel with no worries. 

JenJacqs Blog - KanDuu

The FWD Insurance that I choose is KanGuard, an accident insurance policy.  Here are some of the info about KanGuard:

    • Payout for accidents or terror attacks
    • Worldwide coverage
    • 1-year global emergency services reward

How to buy KanGuard? Below is the process that I did. 

Step 1: Visit FWD Insurance shop on

Step 2: Choose the plan (KanMend, KanLive, and KanGuard) that you want to get and click Buy Now 

Step 3: Enter the necessary details needed in the form and upload a proof of identity.

JenJacqs Blog - FWD Insurance - KanGuard

Step 4: Click Continue.

Step 5: Once all your information is correct, click Confirm and Pay via Dragonpay.

Step 6: Fill-up the billing information, payment details of your debit or credit card, and click Next. 

Step 7: Review your order, click Accept Order. 

Step 8: Expect an email within 24 hours.

With only Php 1,799, I’m now covered with a KanGuard policy for a year effective today, December 7, 2019! Yay! Awesome! I didn’t expect this to be so accessible, quick and hassle-free!

JenJacqs Blog - FWD Insurance - KanGuard Policy

Friends, I suggest that you try this one too. You can try the KanMend or KanLive plans whichever suits you. It’s always worth it to set aside something for your future. 

Now, I KanDüü everything with no hesitations!

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