Have a Break, Have a Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins! #JollyBreak

by JenJacqs

During a recent trip to Cebu with friends, we saw this tarpaulin at Jollibee (Ayala mall) about their newest dessert – the Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins! All of us got curious and excited to try it out because we haven’t seen it yet at our hometown, Cagayan de Oro. And because I am really not into sweets that much (too bad I don’t have a sweet tooth), me and Micah agreed that we will just share with one cup while the others enjoyed their own.

Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins #JollyBreak
And… Ta-da! The moment the mix-ins touch our mouths, we readily exclaimed, “Wow! Lami siya! (It’s delicious!).”

Too bad, yes, too bad that I get to taste only a half-cup. But wait, there’s more? Hahaha! Good thing with Jollibee is that it is available for everyone to try at all outlets nationwide. Take note guys, this is for LIMITED offer only. You can enjoy this perfect combination of Jollibee’s creamy vanilla and KitKat’s crunchy chocolate for only Php 38 only. So, have a #JollyBreak time during those overwhelming demands at work or at school. Enjoy the yummy dessert of chocolate goodness with friends while having a chitchat!

Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins #JollyBreak

Last March 12, my Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc. family got a chance our of our busy schedule to have a break at Jollibee – Vamenta Boulevard branch. We finally get to enjoy the Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins and spend time together talking about life at work and school. It is indeed a wonderful day bonding with your friends and a stress reliever for online workers like me too!

CDOBloggers - Jollibee KitKat Mixins

CDOBloggers having #JollyBreak

What are you waiting for? Have a break, have a Jollibee KitKat Mix-ins! #JollyBreak


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Eats Good to Wander March 17, 2014 - 7:15 am

It was indeed a delicious treat! I am so lucky to have gotten a cup full. Yay!!

jenjacqs March 17, 2014 - 7:35 am

Agree! It is really a delicious treat! I got a cup full the second time around. 😀

Penda Penn April 4, 2014 - 2:53 am

I love this too! This is my new favorite mix in along with Milo! Let’s have that much deserved #Jollybreak soon!

jenjacqs June 30, 2014 - 9:44 am

We will surely have a #JollyBreak sooner, Penda! 😉

Kim December 27, 2014 - 12:53 am

i love kitkat and when Jollibee offered it in their “mix-ins”, i wasted no time and grabbed one!

JenJacqs January 2, 2015 - 1:32 pm

Same here, Kim. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. A happy new year to you! 🙂


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