During this digital age, people tend to do things in a hurry. When it comes to food, we like to eat at the fast-food chains where the food is ready and all you have to do is order, find a seat and eat. Most of us don’t eat a balanced diet anymore and lots of free radicals are all around us. That is why we really need to have supplements in order for our body to have the right amount of vitamins and nutrients that will keep us in shape every single day.

So this leads me to search for the right supplements and medicines for me and my daughters. There are quite a few factors that I consider when choosing the right brand. First, it must be safe to take considering that I have kids. Second, it must be effective. Since I don’t have fix income these days, the third factor is that it must be cost-efficient. I remember that I used to drink Ferrous Sulfate from United Home and it’s affordable. While searching, I saw that they have Women’s Health, Vitamins, Prevention & Cure, and Skin Care. Let’s take a look at their products. 

And voila, they still have the supplement that I used to take. 



JenJacqs - UHP Fersulfate Iron
United Home Fersulfate Iron
JenJacqs - UHP Fersulfate Plus 3d
United Home Fersulfate Plus

FERSULFATE PLUS+ tablets are used for prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia: prenatal hematinic. It promotes a healthy pregnancy for the mother and baby – healthy blood and avoidance of birth defects. This is for pregnant mothers ages 20 to 40 years old and above. 
Formulation: Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate 300mg, Folic Acid 250mcg
Configuration: 10 Blister Packs x 10 tablets
SRP: P 3.50/pc

JenJacqs - UHP Ceetab Premium 3d
United Home Ceetab Premium

CEETAB PREMIUM capsules are for prevention and treatment of persons who have Vitamin C deficiency and increases body’s resistance. 
Formulation: Sodium Ascorbate 568.18mg
Configuration: 10 Blister Packs x 10 capsules
SRP: P 4.50/pc

JenJacqs - UHP Carbocisteine Broncho
United Home Carbocisteine Broncho

BRONCHO capsules help treat respiratory tract disorders such as acute or chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It reliefs cough characterized by excessive or sticky sputum or phlegm.
Generic Name: Carbocisteine
Configuration: 10 Blister Packs x 10 capsules
Each Tablet contains: Carbocisteine 500mg
SRP: P 4.50/pc

JenJacqs - UHP Fevertab
United Home Fevertab

FEVERTAB tablets are for fever reduction and relief of minor aches and pains.
Formulation: Paracetamol 500mg
Configuration: 10 Blister Packs x 10 tablets
SRP: P 1.50/pc (Introductory Price)
LP: P 1.26/pc

For me, United Home’s supplements and Vitamins are affordable. What do you think? Let me know and leave some comments below. 

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