Movie Finder: Arrival (2016)

by JenJacqs

When I saw the lineup of movies for this week, Arrival draw my curiosity that’s why I searched for its trailer on YouTube. Why would I get curious? It gives me a different feel among the alien movies that I watched. And indeed, it is different. If you watched it, I know you would be confused and dazzled over how Dr. Louise communicates with the Heptapods. There are moments where Dr. Louise saw her daughter and on her dreams too. It will make you think that these moments happened in the past. To know more about the movie, relax and watch at Centrio Mall Cinema just like what I did. ☺️


Arrival movie 2016

The Plot

Twelve mysterious spacecraft arrived around the world.  Experts team up to investigate about it and to ask their purpose for being on Earth. Including in the team is the language expert Louise Banks (Amy Adams). She is tasked to communicate and decipher the language of the Heptapods, an alien race who descended from across the earth. 


Science-Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Thriller


Amy Adams – Louise Banks, a linguist
Jeremy Renner – Ian Donnelly, a theoretical physicist
Forest Whitaker – U.S. Army Colonel G T Weber
Michael Stuhlbarg – Agent David Halpern
Tzi Ma – General Shang
Mark O’Brien – Captain Marks


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