Movie Finder: Mano Po 7: Chinoy

by JenJacqs

I decided to watch a Filipino film yesterday. Yes, I did. I am not fond of watching Filipino movies on big screen except if the story is interesting and about family. I’m always curious about Chinese family stories and their culture, so I watched Mano Po 7: Chinoy at Centrio Mall Cinema


Mano Po 7 Chinoy

The Movie

Mano Po 7: Chinoy (華菲/菲華人) movie is starred by Richard Yap, Jean Garcia, Enchong Dee, and Janella Salvador. This film is the 7th and final installment of the Mano Po franchise from the entertainment firm, Regal Entertainment. The story is about a modern Chinese-Filipino family. The Wong family is a well-off family but they experienced struggles in family life. In the end, they still managed to reunite their family as one. As Tsinoys.

The Cast

Richard Yap as Wilson Wong, Sr.
Jean Garcia as Deborah “Debbie” Wong
Janella Salvador as Caroline “Carol” Wong
Marlo Mortel as Henry Santos (Carol’s classmate)
Enchong Dee as Wilson “Son” Wong, Jr.
Johann Paolo Cariño as Frederick “Erick” Wong
Jessy Mendiola as Jocelyn C. Lee (Wilson, Jr.’s love interest)
Jana Agoncillo as Catherine Wong
Eric Quizon as Jason Wong
Jake Cuenca as Marco (Debbie’s customer)
Kean Cipriano as Denver Vera (Carol’s professor)
David Chua as young Manuel U. Wong (Wilson’s father)
Rebecca Chuaunsu as Erlinda “Ama” Wong (Wilson’s mother)
Rosalind Wee as Auntie Rosa

Where to Watch

The film is reopened for the public to see in selected Ayala Malls nationwide. Here in CDO, it is showing at Centrio Mall Cinema.

My Take on the Mano Po 7

I am not disappointed in watching the movie because the acting is not overreacted. I like it because it is not a heavy melodrama though there are times that I’m holding back tears (yes, I’m a crybaby). In days like these, I really avoid watching a heavy drama because I don’t want to cry. One thing that is boggling me up to now which is still unanswered. It is about Jocelyn. Don’t ask me what happen because I’m not going to tell (hehe!). You have to watch the movie and comment on this post if you found what I’m pertaining to. 😉

It is a nice treat if you want to watch family movies this Valentine season. 🙂


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