Flip-flops is a type of footwear that is very easy to wear and comfortable too for your feet. If you notice, nearly everybody wear flip-flops whether they are in the mall, at the beach or simply any place they wanted to go.

There are many famous flip-flops out there and Havaianas brand catches the attention for almost all of the Filipinos. But for me, I opt for a different brand which suites my comfortability and of course, my budget.

I googled Ipanema and this is what I read from Wiki:

Gisele Bündchen has her own line of sandals with footwear company Grendene called Ipanema Gisele Bündchen. Forbes puts her 53rd on their list of the most powerful celebrities of 2007 because of the international success of her shoe line, making the brand Ipanema the most sold Brazilian flip-flop in the world, surpassing the legendary Havaianas.

Here are some pictures of my first ever Ipanema (thanks to my mother dearest hehe!):

 I choose this because of its neutral color and also love the design.

This is very comfortable to my feet and looks good too! Why don’t you try it out?