My Little Prayer

by JenJacqs

Talking in front of many people has been my fear ever since I was in grade school. I despise recitations that I tend to hide behind my classmates’ back if my teacher will look my way. Whenever my teacher will call my name (on recitation tests), my heart would get thump-thump and I feel like I have a stomach ache. I haven’t overcome this fear and chose to work on the sidelines whenever there are activities related to recitations or presentations in front of the whole class.

I am here in this situation right now that I will be standing in front of students and have my teaching practice with them. God, I’m so nervous. But I will do the best that I can and God will do the rest. And this is my little prayer to our Creator…

Lord, turn my fear into strength.
Envelop me with Your cloak of confidence.
Make me bold to do your will.
Let me overcome this as You overcome the world.
Give me wisdom to carry out everything.

This is my little prayer as I prepare myself in this new endeavor that I have chosen.

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