Husband and wife, Raymart and Claudine Baretto-Santiago involves a fistfight with newspaper columnist Ramon ‘Mon’ Tulfo at NAIA 3 Terminal on Sunday (May 6, 2012). According to the reports, the fight started when Claudine berated a flight attendant when she found out that her luggage is missing. A couple’s friend said that someone took a video of Claudine then Raymart confronted the man (Tulfo). The fight began when someone punches other one or vice versa. It is still on investigation if who started the fight. As a result of this fight, Claudine got a bruise on her leg. Tulfo said that he did not mean to kick Claudine and told that he was outnumbered. Claudine, on the other hand, appeals that the Airport security will release the CCTV so that it will be clear to everyone if who really started this brawl. 

The couple and their children arrived from Boracay while Mon is from Davao.

Here’s the video of the said fistfight.