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Tips for Hosting Events for a Large Crowd - Hosting Events
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Did someone offer you in hosting events for a large crowd in your home for a special occasion? Whether it’s for your friends, family or coworkers events like a birthday, anniversary or retirement party, you are amazing for offering to host an event. You are either thrilled of having a large crowd in your home or you’re being anxious at the thought of it. The key to any successful event lies in the adequate advance planning and preparation.  Follow these recommendations from the professional event planners and caterers and you are on the road to success. Always remind yourself that the guests are there to celebrate the guest of honor and enjoy one another’s company – not to inspect your home.

The first steps in planning are to determine the budget, set the date and create a guest list. For more casual events, it’s perfectly acceptable to use eVites to invite guests to the event. There are several websites available that offer free eVites and great dashboards which lets you see which guests have opened the invitation and their response to the event. This is a simple way to keep track of RSVPs. The invitation sets the tone of the event. Choose and make it more fun than a serious type of eVite. Plan to email the invitations at least one month prior to the event. For more formal events, plan to send the printed invitations and addresses must be handwritten.

The easiest way to entertain a large crowd is to serve the meal on a buffet type and allow guests to help themselves. This is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. The dining room is ideal for a buffet. Plan to prepare your buffet table at least two days prior to the event. Stack half the dinner plates at either end of the table to allow guests to help themselves at either end and prevent lines from forming. Roll flatware in napkins for guests to easily carry. Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons by ordering a flower bouquet for the centerpiece from the huge selection available from

You don’t need to be an executive chef to prepare a meal for a large crowd. Select recipes that you’ve successfully made in the past. Lasagna, a tossed salad, and fresh bread are always crowd pleasers.Put on a genuine smile and welcome your guests with either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink and enjoy your evening!

Put on your genuine smile and welcome your guests with either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. Don’t forget to enjoy your evening! 


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