Is Travel Insurance Essential for us?

by JenJacqs

I love to travel. It makes me happy to go to different places, visit their local landmarks or museums, try their delicious local food, and know their culture. For me, traveling is a must of all ages. It makes your mind open to a lot of things. It’s an eye-opener.

Everything about traveling is enjoyable except when you experience inconveniences that occur along the way.  Inconveniences such as lost luggage or passport, accidents happening abroad (I hope not), or property damage – these are just some of the unforeseen emergencies that can occur while out of the country.

JenJacqs - Malayan Travel Insurance Philippines

A solution for these is for you to have a travel insurance in the Philippines for a worry-free travel. I saw this certain Malayan Insurance Travel Master online and they have a broad network of an emergency center for your protection that will ensure you the protection that you and your family need. I listed some of the product features and benefits below.

Personal Accident

Travel Master provides compensation for accidental disablement, dismemberment, death, as well as accidental burial benefit.

Emergency Medical Treatment

They provide coverage for the emergency medical treatment that you possibly need. It extends to follow-up care, daily incidental expenses involved in hospital confinement. Medical treatment abroad is expensive so a travel health insurance Philippines can be very helpful.

Personal Liability

They shoulder the risks of accidentally hurting other people or property.

Recovery of Travel Expenses

If your trip is cut short, this feature will reimburse the unused portion of your trip and the non-refundable expenses that you’ve paid in advance. More info on this link.

JenJacqs - Malayan Travel Insurance Philippines
Travel Inconvenience Benefits

Offers benefits for the loss of documents, baggage, cash loss, damages to some personal properties, flight delays, and others. Check their site for more detailed info on this one.

Travel Assistance Benefits

They’re in partnership with Assist America, a travel assistance provider that provides emergency and assistance like emergency evacuation, care for unattended minors, compassionate leave, hospital admission guarantee, critical care monitoring, and more.

Wait, there’s more!

Also, they provide free insurance coverage for damage to rented cars, medical treatment, and assistance services for accidents resulting from sports activities. They cover the trip not only on airplanes but also on ships, trains, and cars.

As I read all of this information online, I realized that this kind of insurance is essential especially when we like to take a trip whether for work or recreation. You and your family can enjoy traveling as well as you’re on full protection for unanticipated inconveniences that might happen.


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