Hello, 2018! 

This is going to be my first personal blog post this year and I still don’t have any idea what topic to write (LOL!). I have thought about writing my realizations for the past year but then I haven’t organized my mind yet so I’ll just talk about something that I received last month.

Last year, December 4, 2017 (to be exact), I attended Globe‘s Media Appreciation Party. This is held annually here in Cagayan de Oro City. Before going to the event, I remembered that I told everyone at home to pray for me so that I will win a major prize, since I don’t really bag the grand prize every time there’s a raffle at the event, You see, every time that Globe held their Christmas party for the media, there are always a lot of prizes. Who wouldn’t want to receive or win a prize, right? 

Wondering what prize I won on that night? Here it is!

JenJacqs - Samsung S8 Plus

A Samsung S8 Plus!

JenJacqs - Samsung S8 Plus

Here’s another picture:

JenJacqs - Samsung S8 Plus

When I heard about Samsung S8 series, I’m thinking about how nice it would be to have a new phone but I know that I cannot get one. So, I settled my mind with my Samsung J7 since it still worked perfectly. And then this came. A Samsung S8 Plus arrived on my hands. I’m so happy! I can say that the phone is meant for me. I really thank God for His wonderful surprise for me! It is indeed a #WonderfulSurprise!